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model draws inspiration from the 501 jeans of the late 60s, a style Hisashi Morishima wore regularly in his youth, available new at the time.

Vintage American denim pants not only underwent minor changes over the years but also exhibited individual differences in sewing.

While these variations could add character, they sometimes resulted in inconsistent stitching.

A slight taper in the silhouette, unlike the XX, could make a small difference significantly noticeable.

Amid these nuances, Morishima sought to create the ideal model he desired to wear, drawing inspiration from the most refined silhouette across hundreds of jeans worn, irrespective of the model.

The BONCOURA 66, while primarily adhering to the details seen in the original '66 model, has been meticulously crafted to ensure the silhouette, especially the hip line, looks elegant from behind, achieved through numerous sample iterations.



The original '66 model primarily uses core-spun yarn for sewing, but BONCOURA opts for cotton thread sewing, allowing for unique aging that isn't found in vintage '66 jeans.

The sewing thread color typically follows the era's preference for orange, but with an emphasis on design, yellow is also incorporated.

Stitch sizes range from 20 to 50, varied according to the part of the jeans.

The waistband stitching is chain-stitched, the selvage wider than the XX, and the rivets are the cap type.


Special attention is also paid to the leather patch.

It's made from deer skin that has undergone a unique tanning process, printed in BONCOURA's signature red using a vintage foil stamping machine.


For the pocket fabric, BONCOURA employs its original broken herringbone twill. Each twill and waist label is individually stamped using a vintage typewriter, adding a unique touch.


Even the buttons and rivets are meticulously chosen, featuring original designs with the BONCOURA logo, designed to age beautifully with wear. The fabric weighs 15oz, striking the right balance between durability and comfort.



The BONCOURA 66 is characterized by its slightly tapered silhouette, reminiscent of the jeans that transitioned from workwear to fashion staples in the 60s, echoing the Ivy and preppy styles.

This calculated tapering makes the BONCOURA 66 a versatile classic, suitable for various wearers, occasions, and outfits, affirming its status as a staple in the denim collection.


Fabric: 15oz, BONCOURA Ikemen denim (Ikemen is original blend, 100% cotton with unique twisted yarn) Vintage shuttle loom single width selvedge denim.

Style/Fit: Mid-to-high-rise, Relaxed tapered

Color: Indigo

Denim Type: Indigo rope dyed

Method: Raw Denim Non-wash



- Rivets: Original logo, Copper rivets Cap type

- Button fly

- Front Button and Top Button: Original logo,

- Pocket bags: Original random herringbone

- Pocket bag print logo

- Leather Patch: Original deerskin with printing done by a vintage foil stamping machine

- Selvedge side seams and cut coin pocket

Stitching Work

  - Thread type: Cotton

- Thread stitching incorporates a gauge from 8 to 30, drawing inspiration from vintage-era stitchwork for a distinctive touch.


Inner waistband features:

- Waistband name print with catchphrase

- Size handprint


Chain stitched hem

Origin: Made in Japan


Denim fabric is unprocessed to preserve the original texture of denim, so individual differences will occur. The size chart is based on the shrunk condition after washing and drying. 

Size Waist Hip Rise Inseam
26 68 47 27 76.5
27 70 48.5 27.5 76.5
28 72 50 27.5 77
29 74 51 28 77
30 76 52 28 77
31 78 53.5 28 77
32 80 54.5 28.5 77
33 82 56 28.5 77
34 84 57 28.5 77
36 90 60 29 78
38 94 63 29.5 78
40 98 66 29.5 78

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