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Work shirt chambray

Pure Indigo Fade

Indigo Rope Dye

BONCOURA Ikemen Pure Indigo

The Navy

The fabric is knitted on a loop-wheeled machine, making it tubular and of a high quality with a soft touch.

41 Chino

threne Vat Dye special fabric
Ikemen × Hemp
Painter Pants Denim Indigo US Navy Shawl Collar Denim indigo 1st Jacket Herringbone Threne Vat Dye olive

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USAFA Print hoodie & army baker pants
Loop Wheeled Reversible Print Tee navy SALON LIMITED Denim Jacket 2nd Cotton Linen 13 Anniversary Model BONCOURA 33 Cotton Linen Denim 13th Anniversary Model Loop Wheeled Reversible Print Tee red SALON LIMITED Painter Short Pants Duck Hunter Camo

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BONCOURA 66 オフホワイト(off white)
BONCOURA 66 off white
BONCOURA 66 off white
BONCOURA 66 off white
BONCOURA 66 off white
BONCOURA 66 off white

BONCOURA 66 off white

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This is a piece that I put all my effort into with a color that is not white but off-white.

The leather patch is made from deerskin that has been specially tanned from raw hide. The pocket fabric is the original broken herringbone.

The slip and waist labels are individually engraved with stamps produced on a vintage typewriter.

Like BONCOURA66 denim, it has a beautiful tapered silhouette.

The fabric is woven using an old-fashioned power loom, and its most distinctive feature is the unevenness of the fabric due to the ``cotton residue'' that maximizes the texture of natural cotton without bleaching.

BONCOURA Off-White is a white bread that is not too clean and can be enjoyed even when it gets dirty and tastes bad, and a white bread that can be enjoyed without aging.


Fabric: 15oz, BONCOURA Ikemen denim (Ikemen is original blend, 100% cotton with unique twisted yarn) Vintage shuttle loom single width selvedge denim.

Style/Fit: Mid-to-high-rise, Relaxed tapered

Color: Natural

Denim Type: Natural

Method: Raw Denim Non-wash or One-wash 



- Rivets: Original logo, Copper rivets Cap type

- Button fly

- Front Button and Top Button: Original logo,

- Pocket bags: Original random herringbone

- Pocket bag print logo

- Leather Patch: Original deerskin with printing done by a vintage foil stamping machine

- Selvedge side seams and cut coin pocket

Stitching Work

  - Thread type: Cotton

- Thread stitching incorporates a gauge from 8 to 30, drawing inspiration from vintage-era stitchwork for a distinctive touch.


Inner waistband features:

- Waistband name print with catchphrase

- Size handprint


Chain stitched hem

Origin: Made in Japan


Denim fabric is unprocessed to preserve the original texture of denim, so individual differences will occur.

The size chart is based on the shrunk condition after washing and drying.


Pursuing high-quality NIPPON MADE by paying close attention to details such as parts and sewing.
Clothes that are born without compromise, with pride, and carve their own lives.