BONCOURA パーカー グレー Loop Wheeled Hoodie Gray
BONCOURA Hoodie Gray Loop Wheeled Hoodie Gray
BONCOURA Hoodie Gray Loop Wheeled Hoodie Gray
BONCOURA Hoodie Gray Loop Wheeled Hoodie Gray
BONCOURA Hoodie Gray Loop Wheeled Hoodie Gray

BONCOURA Hoodie Gray Loop Wheeled Hoodie Gray

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As with the serious hanging fleece fabric denim produced by BONCOURA, this fishing fleece is made with a focus on everything from the composition of the raw cotton to the twist of the thread. We will combine them to create the ideal fabric. I was very particular about the color and heather feeling, so I started working on a sample to create something that was not found anywhere else. Although it is only 1%, 1% is the most important factor that determines the color and heathered feeling, and we cannot compromise. We repeatedly changed the blending ratio of raw cotton and knitted samples to create the desired color through trial and error. What is even more difficult is that even if you use only the resulting yarn and temporarily knit it, you can see the color to some extent, but if you knit it with loop knitting, the color of the fleece will also affect the outer material, so there is also the point that you can not know unless you actually try knitting with a loop knitting machine. The final judge was created by believing in his sensitivity and experience. In order to give depth to the color of the fabric, multiple colors are mixed to express the color. People are often surprised, but we do not use any gray color to bring out the gray heathered color. Using a valuable old-fashioned loop knitting machine, the fabric can only be made about 10m a day, but due to special efforts, only 7m of fabric can be made per day. If you convert this into BONCOURA's standard hoodie, you won't be able to get 4 shirts in a day. Although it is inefficient, it has a unique texture that cannot be replaced by anything. From round brushing to the final finish, raw materials and knitting have a great effect on the texture, but in fact, the final finish also greatly affects the feel of the fabric. Just like hanging knitting, there are few factories in Japan that can do circle brushing, and there are only a limited number of skilled craftsmen in Japan. Among them, we find a reliable factory and ask for their cooperation. BONCOURA's hanging fleece fabric is made without compromise from raw materials to knitting finish. It has a rich wool-like touch and a soft and elastic texture. Vertical shrinkage is prevented by using fabric in the horizontal direction that combines a unique melange feeling with depth and the finest texture, and horizontal shrinkage is also prevented by applying gussets on the sides. The hood has a shape that allows it to stand firmly, and it is sized to allow for a loose fit.

If we change a combination of colored cotton, looks of the style will be totally different. In order to express BONCOURA's unique blue color and texture, we use original yarns we created from the beginning of the combination of raw cottons and the color brend. We also used a loopwheel machine which is rare today to produce the fabric using the original yarm. express the BONCOURA's unique look. We're also particular about the shape of the hood to make it strong enough to stand out.

The size chart is unwashed and may shrink after washing.

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