BONCOURA シンチバック(cinch back)
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back
BONCOURA cinch back

BONCOURA cinch back

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We are particular about the origin and composition of the raw cotton, spinning such as twisting, we are particular about pure indigo, we are particular about dyeing to the darkest possible limits, weaving with an old-style BONCOURA special power loom, and we are particular about every step of the process without compromise. Crafted from cool cotton denim fabric.

The stitching of BONCOURA's original standard denim pants, which are made from cool cotton denim, is made with all cotton thread. In addition, the color and count are changed depending on the part, and the sewing specifications are different for each model: 66, XX, cinch back, and Z.

Of course, we are particular about the leather patch, and the deerskin patch is specially tanned from raw hide and features the red BONCOURA logo.

The fabric for the pockets is BONCOURA's original broken herringbone smooth fabric. The slip and waist labels are individually engraved with stamps produced on a vintage typewriter.

All parts such as buttons and rivets are made from carefully selected materials with original logos. You can enjoy the aging of the parts themselves as you wear them.

The cinch back silhouette is somewhere between "66" and "XX". In addition, the cinch back part has a needle prick type seen before the 40's with an original logo. There are plenty of details unique to this model, such as the copper punched rivets that crush the top and the crotch rivets at the crotch.


Fabric: 15oz, BONCOURA Ikemen denim (Ikemen is original blend, 100% cotton with unique twisted yarn) Vintage shuttle loom single width selvedge denim.

Style/Fit: Mid-to-high-rise, Relaxed tapered

Color: Indigo

Denim Type: Indigo rope dyed

Method: Raw Denim Non-wash



- Rivets: Original logo, Copper rivets with punching flattened heads

- Hidden rivet: Original logo, Brass

- Button fly

- Front Button and Top Button: Original logo,

- Cinch: Original logo, Die-cast solid brass/copper

- Pocket bags: Original random herringbone

- Pocket bag print logo

- Leather Patch: Original deerskin with printing done by a vintage foil stamping machine

- Selvedge side seams and cut coin pocket

Stitching Work

  - Thread type: Cotton

- Thread stitching incorporates a gauge from 0 to 30, drawing inspiration from vintage-era stitchwork for a distinctive touch.


Inner waistband features:

- Waistband name print with catchphrase

- Size handprint


Chain stitched hem

Origin: Made in Japan




Our cinch backpack is inspired by needle-punched types from the 1930s and is made from original parts created from molds. The needle tips are sharp, so there is a risk of injury or damage to furniture, etc.


Additionally, using the buckle's needle without penetrating the fabric may result in unstable fastening and lead to needle damage. When using, it is recommended to always penetrate the fabric and fasten the buckle.


Denim fabric is unprocessed to preserve the original texture of denim, so individual differences will occur. The size chart is based on the shrunk condition after washing and drying.

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