Reversible Tee Red × Yellow Loop Wheeled
Reversible Tee Red x Yellow Loop Wheeled
Reversible Tee Red x Yellow Loop Wheeled
Reversible Tee Red x Yellow Loop Wheeled

Reversible Tee Red x Yellow Loop Wheeled

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A T-shirt knitted into a round body, which is rare today. Currently, there are not many machines that can make round body, and fabrics are prepared for each size and knitted one by one. Although it is a labor-intensive method, the reason for choosing this inefficient method is to reproduce the unique texture, comfort, and size. This reversible T-shirt is a very luxurious piece that is knitted with the round body on both front and back. Not only can you enjoy two colors, but we are also particular about the color scheme around the neck and sleeves. Of course, the cotton material is also a wonderful BONCOURA special specification material. Even if you wear it quite heavily, it's wonderful that you won't get discouraged. Every time you wear it, you can enjoy unprecedented aging unique to the original fabric. In the past, the US military and universities wore similar reversible T-shirts for exercises and sports. This is a piece that you can wear while feeling the atmosphere of that time. oday the way to knit T-shirts by loopwheering is not as popular as other methods, and it's necessary to prepare the fabric for each size and knit them one by one.This method requires a lot of work, however, the reason why we take a risk of this inefficient way is to create a unique texture and a comfortable and good fit.This reversible T-shirt is special and luxurious as the both sides of the front and back is loopwheeled.We are also particular about the details of the color combination of the neck and sleeve. And as usual, we use the special BONCOURA's cotton, so that it's not that easy to get damaged even if you wear it everyday. In the old days, the army and universities in the US wore similar T-shirts as our celebration T-shirt for practices and sports. You'll feel the same vibes from those days!

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